Manual Vs Automatic Ignition Gas Stoves - Which One Has Better Features?

Manual Vs Automatic Ignition Gas Stoves - Which One Has Better Features?

When we want to cook delicious meals, there are generally two options available to us. We can either cook the food in LPG gas-powered cooking stove or an Electricity powered cooking stove. LPG gas-powered cooking stoves use LPG gas as the fuel source for cooking food while electricity-powered cooking stoves use electricity as the fuel source. Today, we will be talking about LPG gas-powered cooking stoves and their types.

Whenever you go to market for buying LPG gas cooking stoves, you will be presented with mainly two options. These two options are either Manual Cooking Stove or Automatic Ignition Cooking Stoves. Many people are often confused by these two options and face difficulty choosing the right one. So, What is a Manual Cooking Stove and Automatic Cooking Stove? What's the difference between them? 

If you also have similar questions, then don't worry because we will be talking about them in brief. In addition, we will also talk about 'Which one has better features?'. And 'Which one should you purchase?'.

For your information, though both these stoves are powered by LPG gas, there are quite different from one another in certain aspects. Additionally, I have done my best possible research regarding them and came to some major conclusions. So, rest assured and read this article with an open-mind cause this article consists of factual and genuine information. 

As the name suggests, manual cooking stoves require to be operated manually. You will need to ignite the flame with the help of either a match stick or a lighter. These types of cooking stoves have been in use for ages and have gone through a lot of advancements. Especially, these types of cooking stoves are mostly famous in developing nations.

The way that these types of cooking stoves work is quite simple to understand. At first, you turn on the knob after which the gas will come will start coming out from the flames hole through the cylinder. Then, you ignite the flame with the help of any lighter as mentioned above manually. Generally, you find various types of manual cooking stoves in the market such as one, two, three, and even four hopper cooking stoves. 

In contrary to manual cooking stoves, automatic ignition cooking stoves don't require any manual effort. Yet, the way that these cooking stoves work is quite similar to that of manual cooking stoves. But these types of cooking stoves have missed the part where you have to ignite the flame yourself. Yup, these types of cooking stoves ignite the flame automatically when you turn on the knob.

If you want to know more about how the automatic cooking stoves work then you can check out this article below. Here, I have explained everything you need to know about them in brief.

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Now comes the main part of the article, 'Which one is better among these two?'.

In a survey of several households, it was found that the majority of the households were using Automatic Ignition cooking stoves. While the remaining households were also thinking of shifting to the automatic one. In addition, they also claimed that cooking food in the automatic ignition stoves was more convenient and efficient. They were able to cook really delicious food in no time. I guess this survey clears most of your doubts and dilemma. 

Though both the cooking stoves serve the same purpose, automatic ignition stoves are more preferred due to their exceptional features. Along with the automation feature, they are proven to be eco-friendly and safer to use. Since they are automated, there are no leakage and fire accidents issues, unlike the manual ones.  

According to a report, more than thousands of people lose their lives every year due to fire accidents caused due to leakage issues. Likewise, hundreds of people become the victim of severe injuries and burns caused due to such events. It has been found that the majority of these events occur in households using manual cooking stoves.

Automatic Ignition cooking stoves are easily available in the market and are mostly affordable. The most popular types of these stoves are the ones with three hoppers (Two large and one small) for cooking. Though they are relatively expensive than the manual ones, you can't turn blind eyes to their exceptional features, Nah? 

In this world of digitalization, everyone wants most of the tasks to be automated. So, why not go that extra mile and join the flow keeping you and your family safe and secure. In addition, automatic cooking stoves don't require that much maintenance and can even last up to 5 years if used properly.

If you ask me, I would say that automatic cooking stoves are a boom for us. Without them, our lives would be relatively slack and inefficient. As far as I am concerned, I would just go with the automatic ones without any second thought. As a matter of fact, we actually have one which we use for cooking in our home. Isn't it great, right?

To sum up, it's up to you to decide what to do. Before having any final thoughts, be sure to analyze your requirements and budgets. Is it really worth it or not? All I really want is for you to not have any regrets regarding your choice.

Anyways, I hope that this article was helpful to you and see you guys in the next article.

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