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Welcome to 'It's Lakha', an online blog portal where you can read about various issues and topics. It's Lakha is a site mainly initiated for the purpose of imparting knowledge to more people. We post articles regarding various sectors including food, health, education, technology, entertainment, sports, and most importantly self-improvement. The articles that we post are finely written and with proper research and analysis. 

We understand that the reader's satisfaction and comfort matter more and with this thing in mind, we post articles that are easy to consume and suitable for readers of every age group and preference. The contents that we post are in no way intended to offend the reader and their views. We are to keep our content as minimal and as optimistic as possible.

As far as I am concerned, It's Lakha aims to help you to know yourself better and guides you to have a positive life. We aim to help you add value to yourself and your life. Most of our articles cover topics like self-care, health, food consumption, and self-improvement. Reading these articles will not only gain you knowledge but also things that will help you in long term. We also aim to aid you to overcome your depression, anxiety, and stress that have negative impacts on you.

To be honest, I have also been through all those hard times and I know how difficult it is. So, I want to help others who are suffering and are unable to progress. May it be writing articles, I am at least happy that it is going to help those out there. I hope that you are doing fine there and don't worry, things are gonna get better. And I would like to thank you for reading my articles. I really appreciate it.

Best Regards!!

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