Introverts And Extroverts - The General Perception About Them

Introverts And Extroverts - A General Perception About Them

You may already feel that you know whether you're an introvert or an extrovert. If not, don't worry cause, after reading this article you will be able to identify if you or any other person is an introvert or an extrovert. 

The general conception:

Most of us seem to have basic and general knowledge regarding introverts and extroverts. In most case scenarios, we perceive that extroverts are mostly outgoing and sociable. They are good in a crowd and enjoy meeting new people. They tend to be good talkers and doers, looking for the action, thriving on the activity. 

On the contrary, Introverts are perceived to be quiet, more private people as compared to extroverts. They may be shy around crowds and new people but are more comfortable with the familiar ones. They enjoy the company of a few while crowds make them uncomfortable and compel them to retreat. 

Things that might be different from our perceptions:

Recently, some studies have pointed out a significant difference in these categories. It is found that some people are simply good at faking extroversion, even to themselves as well. They have mastered speech and verbal skills and the art of storytelling. As a result, all these qualities led them to believe that they are extroverts which isn't true. 

On the other hand, some extroverts do force them to behave as introverts but simply can't. They try to distance themselves, away from crowds, trying to enjoy their own company. However, only a few are able to achieve so-called lonely freedom. While the rest only become a victim of anxiety and inner voids. Because of their extrovert nature, they have a hard time avoiding people's interaction and crowds.

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But the truth is that most of these people are certainly the opposite of what they perceive themselves as. They are just good performers that they are able to fool even themselves.

The cause of such conditions:

While looking more in-depth at this, it is stated that the majority of the people were the victims of the past. Some major events of their past were the reasons for their change in personality. Those events had some significant effects on their mental beliefs and psychology. While surveying, it was found that most of them were victims of betrayal, depression, and fear of being left behind. 

How to know if you are an introvert or an extrovert?

A reliable indicator to this would be your answer to this question: How do you refuel your energy? When you're with a crowd all day or night, do you become energized, energy that takes you into the next day? To be more clear, do you get positive vibes when you're with a crowd? Do you tend to forget about most of your worries and exhaustion? If so, then you're probably the extrovert you believed yourself to be. 

Or, even though you handle yourself well in a crowd, do you only refuel when you're alone? Do you need to get off by yourself to get your head together or get your energy back? Do you prefer to spend the most time at home alone doing less social interactive tasks and sleep more to relieve your stress? If so, then you are probably more of an introvert who has learned to be good in a crowd.

What difference does it make whether you're an introvert or an extrovert?

Neither is better. But if you understand yourself, you can help yourself ease into your new environments. 

For example, if you are an introvert, take some time to refuel and relieve your stress every now and then. Recognize your need for that alone-time and schedule it in. If you know that someone is an introvert, allow them to have some alone spaces unless you are very familiar with them. Be sure to know their needs and recognize their requests, which they hardly try to convey.

Likewise, if you're an extrovert, you can engage in more social interactive tasks, utilizing your extrovert skills. Making new company and interacting with others is a piece of cake for you, so don't fear to do it. The worst they can say is no. But be careful to use those social skills wisely. It's up to you to monitor your enthusiasm and share the spotlight.


This article was written to help you know more about the two categories. By no means, I am trying to convey that the ways and procedures mentioned in this article are gonna work for everyone. Before making any life-related decisions, be sure to do a bit more research and learn about the respective subject matter.

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