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Are you a foodie looking for lunch recipes you can make? Are you interested in cooking? Or Are you tired of your regular diet?

So, you want to make some easy and healthy lunches. If that's your case then this article is just for you.

I present you the top 5 easy to make healthy lunch recipes and Ideas:

1. Fried Egg Rice:

Starting with the most common lunch, fried egg rice is good to go for everyone. It doesn't take much time to make and the ingredients are also easily available. All you need is some pre-cooked rice, eggs, and some vegetables as per your rule. If you ask me, I often make this as a lunch, especially in the afternoons. It gives you the energy that you need and also satisfies your hunger.

2. Egg Sandwiches:

My other recommendation is Egg Sandwiches. As I said, all the lunches that I mention are easy to make and simple. And this is also very easy to make as it takes only a few simple steps to make. All you need is bread, eggs, and few additions. Bake/Fry the Bread, make an omelet, insert the omelet in the middle, and eat it. You can also add few extras such as onions, sauces, etc.

3. Instant Noodles:

I guess most of you already know this and I don't need to clarify much. Yet, I would like to say few things. As the name suggests, instant noodles are very easy to make and they are ready to eat in no time. You can eat it raw or make soup or even fry it. But I think the best way to eat it is by first boiling it and make it as a chowmein but without frying it. I mean take the boiled noodles out and eat them by seasoning them and adding the essentials.

4. Pasta:

As a kid, I used to get hungry when I get home from school. So, my mom often used to make pasta for me as lunch and that lunch used to please my hunger. If you ever feel hungry, pasta is there for you. Making pasta is easy and is also very healthy for your body. I prefer veg-pasta more as I like vegetables over meat. The recipe is also very simple and the ingredients are also not much. All you need to do is boil the pasta, cut vegetables, take a pan and add oil. After that, put the pasta along with the vegetables and necessary ingredients. And there you go, your pasta is ready.

5. Salad:

The last lunch that I recommend you is a salad. I know, it is not exactly a lunch but hey, it is also not less than lunch. Isn't salad a healthy lunch? Making salad is quite simple and it doesn't require much. All you need is vegetables and few essential healthy seasonings. Peel the vegetables, wash them, cut them and just mix them. Viola, your salad is ready in no time. Your hunger is satisfied and your diet is also maintained.

All the lunch recipes/ideas mentioned in this article are easy to make and very simple. They don't need many ingredients and anyone can prepare them at any time. So, do try them out and comment below which one do you prefer the most.

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