What is Child Friendly Environment and Why is it important? - Insight Into Children

Children are natural learners as they learn many things/activities from nature. Here, the environment in which he/she is grown-up plays a vital role in his/her physical and mental development. A child-friendly environment is one that is physically safe, emotionally (mentally) secure, and psychologically enabling for children. It ensures a healthy, hygienic, and safe learning environment. In this article, we will discuss about child friendly environment and how we can create a safe environment for children. So, stick till the end.

Child-Friendly Environment recognizes, encourages, and supports children's growing activities as learners. Its aim is to develop a learning environment in which children are motivated and able to learn. It also helps the children to be innovative, self-dependent, strong desired, problem facer and hard workers. Such an environment helps the children to learn more effectively and properly.

The major benefits of such an environment are that it helps children learn what they need to learn to face the challenges of the new century; enhance their health and well-being: guarantee them safe and protective spaces for learning, free from violence and abuse; raise teacher morale and motivation: and mobilize community support for education. Children also learn about/develop cooperation, brotherhood, friendship, mutual trust, understanding, religious tolerance, social and racial harmony, love and respect as well as many other aspects of life. 

In the present era, it is very difficult to maintain such an environment for children and students. Hardly, there are some places where it exists, as war conflicts, violence, crimes, and criminal activities are very common and happen every time. People have become selfish, immoral, mischievous, anti-social, violent, criminals in the present world. And because of this, there is a risk that the children may learn such activities and grow up to be involved in antisocial and criminal activities.

Children at small age are naturally active learners and imitators as they learn many activities from others and imitate them. They develop several positive as well as negative aspects and activities from others. At this age, they don't know what is right and what is wrong. So, we are a good imitation model for them. Hence, we are responsible for their overall development and education.

To sum up, children by nature are innocent, delicate, dependent, curious, active, and enthusiastic. They love to be in an atmosphere of peace and happiness. They should be kept away from those anti-social and anti-human activities. And when they grow up, they will be the ideal personalities for the nation. So, children should get opportunities to enjoy their rights to enhance their all-around development. Therefore, the condition and practice of a Child-Friendly Environment should be improved.


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