'Anime is not a Cartoon' - Why? Here are Top Reasons - What is Anime?

Hey there, I guess you are well aware of Anime and you have also watched anime, right? 

What? NO?! You don't have any ideas about it. 

Well, Don't worry! I will tell Anime.

What is Anime?

The word 'Anime' is the Japanese term for animation, which means all forms of animated media. Generally, Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originated from or associated with Japan. It is a diverse art form with distinctive production methods and techniques that have been adapted over time in response to emergent technologies. It combines graphic art, characterization, cinematography, and other forms of imagination and individualistic techniques. It is more like animation series (anime) rather than comic series (Manga).

Japanese animation began in the early 20th  century which differs greatly from other forms of animation by its diverse art styles, methods of animation, its production, and its process. Anime follows the typical production of animation, including storyboarding, voice acting, character design and production. Anime is mainly based on Japanese cultures and terms so we can often see Japanese plot, language, and history in anime, related to Japan. Recently, Anime has become globally known and commercially profitable making billions of fans in the world.

Anime is totally different from animation basically cartoons which we have been watching from our childhood especially the Indian Animation Series. What makes anime different from other animations is the storyboarding, character development, and art style. Anime contains long series and episodes of a particular genre while our animations are particularly focused on single episodes along with some movies. Also, Anime includes Science-Fiction and imaginary things which makes it more interesting.

Why Should One Watch Anime?

So, why should you watch anime? What can you benefit from anime? To be honest, there is very much to say about that. I have just started watching quality anime series for the past few years. Yet, you also cannot say, 'I have never watched Anime in my life" because our TV channel broadcasters have broadcasted many of child-friendly anime series - most popularly series like Doraemon, Shinchan, Pokemon, Ninja Hattori, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece, and many more (Forgive me if I missed your favorite anime series). Now, you know what I'm talking about, right?

What are the benefits of watching Anime?

Back to Topic, you have watched them or are still watching and even have learned many life lessons, right? The majority shows that you have learned about Japanese cultures, art, hard work, dedication, friendship, moral virtues, self-sacrifice, following your dreams, and much more. It also imparts knowledge on how to deal with life problems, how to overcome your fear and to never give up. Sometimes, you can watch anime for entertainment as well. it is totally different from Cartoon - so 'STOP CALLING IT CARTOON'.

What anime should I watch?

Hmm... The Anime Series which I have watched and the ones that I suggest to you as well include Naruto, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, One Piece, Attack on Titans, Dr. Stone, Seven Deadly Sins, Dragon Ball Z, and much more. To be honest, watching anime series will help you a lot in your character development, personality development and will also help you mature as a responsible person. Though, anime series are of long episodes but are worth the time rather than wasting your time on unnecessary stuff. And they also give you the satisfaction of Different level.

Where can I watch anime? 

Hmm... Basically, you can watch anime on YouTube but I suggest watching from websites however be careful of the inappropriate ads. Lastly, anime has greatly influenced my life and helped to develop as a person as well. The enjoyment and satisfaction you get from anime won't be provided everywhere. However, watching anime in English Dub or English Subbed will also help you to improve your English. 

Thus, Never ever say to anyone especially to anime fans that "Anime Is Cartoon".


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