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I guess most of you know about Facebook as well as use it every day. If so then you all might have heard about or know about RONB and are familiar with this term. But have you ever wondered what, how and why was it created?

Well, Routine of Nepal Banda or RONB is an online media source that posts updates on current affairs. It is officially registered as Routine of Nepal Private limited in Department of Information and Broadcasting - Nepal, Press Council Nepal and The National News Agency (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti) of Nepal.

Routine of Nepal Banda having more than 2 million likes on Facebook and nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, has become one of the primary sources of Information and News for many Nepali youths around the globe.

As the name suggests, Routine of Nepal Banda was started back in 2011 with the aim of letting Nepalese people know about the holidays, traffic updates, load-shedding schedule 'strikes' status (also known as 'bandas') when Nepal was suffering from lots of strikes back then.

But now, it imparts information and news regarding various sectors such as Education, Health, Technology, Environment, Sports, Foreign affairs, and so on.

Now to an important part, how many of you know 'who is the admin of this page/corporation?'

As per my analysis, I have found that 'Victor Poudel' is the admin of this Nepalwide famous and trusted page - Routine of Nepal Banda. He created this page in 2011 and has been running it with many other admins as of now.

In an interview, he said, "We intentionally give priority to positive news so the audience could get a break from the gloom-ridden and negative news widely circulated at the front pages by the mainstream media on regular basis."

RONB's Official Facebook Page: Facebook Link

RONB's Official Instagram Account: Instagram Link

To sum up, I have been following this page since 2018  and it's better if you follow it as soon as possible. Have a great day :) !!

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