You Actually Have Memorial Power Which Bijay Shahi Claims To Be Divine Power?

First of all, this is just my hypothesis and I don't say that this is 100% accurate. It might be relatable to some and might not as well. If this hypothesis seems to be wrong then your feedback will be highly appreciated.

I guess, most of us know the current scenarios regarding Bijay Shahi and his so-called memorial power. So, I won't be talking about those pieces of stuff.

Can you believe that you also have a very high memorial power? There's actually no need to think of it as a superpower or something strange. You can also memorize things just like Bijay Shahi. No, I'm not talking about the scamming part.

Have you observed it? Before giving a demo or writing, Bijay Shahi takes about a fair amount of time to memorize like 10 minutes to half an hour I guess. Think about it, isn't it like enough to memorize few pages? Ik, he says he can memorize a whole book but hey, this is just my hypothesis, also I ain't a philosopher. 

Remember when there used to be some speech/debate contests and you could memorize speeches of 2 3 pages? That was when you were a child but now, you aren't a child. You know what? You are just underestimating your capabilities.

And yeah, Sisan Baniya and his friends have also done something similar in their recent video titled 'Hutututu Vlog'. This video was a big help for stating my hypothesis. They also managed to fairly memorize a page.

To be clear, all I'm trying to say is that 'we all try to underestimate our capabilities in the process of comparison'. You ask him for formula but you already own the formula. You just expect some miracle to happen so you don't even try. Expectations, panicking and unwanted stress won't do anything well.

Especially during lockdown that has highly affected us, things are just way too complicated. Since it's been quite a long time, we last went to school and had normal classes. As a result, we are now hardly able to memorize like before. But with an adequate amount of focus and effort, we can actually somewhat memorize like Bijay Shahi. 

Conclusion: To be honest, this thing just recently popped into my mind and I wanted to share my views. Yeah, you are free to take things your way and if you think that this might be wrong, do give feedback. If you have read till here, I would like to thank you for reading this. I really appreciate it!! ^^

Best regards!!

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