How I Lost My Drone Within One Day Of Purchasing - My Life Stories

Is it only me or have you also ever lost something the day you bought it?

Just imagine, 'How unfortunate and upsetting that moment is, isn't it?

It's like you take a really delicious food into your mouth but it falls before you could even have a bite.

Just like that, I have a small story about me losing my drone that I would like to share.

So, it was around 7 pm in the evening and I was doing my chores as usual. While I was working, my dad came back from work, and guess what he had brought? 

A drone, yey!! I was so happy when I saw the box of the drone. Yup, it was the first drone of my life. I think, its name was 'Fold Drone' and it was purchased from Daraz. 

Well, I don't know how much it cost but if you wanna know then you can find this product on Daraz App.

Till now, I had seen drones in YouTube Videos Only and had never flown it before. So, I opened the box and assembled the drone, and started reading the manual. Literally, it took us about half an hour to configure it and know the controls. 

As a noob, I did crash the drone a lot and flew it so high that it got stuck on top trees often. But over time, I was able to fly it fairly and much better. I did learn to do a few tricks as well. This was just the other day and it hadn't even been 24 hours.

It was 7 pm (the next day of the purchasing of the drone) and dad came home. I was eagerly waiting for him as I wanted to show him the tricks. I called him out and started the drone. 

It was quite windy and really dark as it was 7 pm in the evening. I did show him the tricks but that was the last time I could fly the drone.

The drone came with a camera and to be honest, the camera quality sucked. There was so much grain in the footage but it was reasonable at the given price range. I guess it's a 3MP camera. 

To access the camera, we needed to use an app on the mobile and WIFI was used for the transmission. Also, the drone could be accessed/controlled through a mobile app.

We wanted to fly the drone by using the app so dad went ahead and did it. He configured it and started flying. Now, here comes the tragedy. Dad flew the drone so high that it went out of our sight in the blink of our eyes. 

As it was windy, the wind blew the drone along with the wind and it disappeared just like that. We also lost the connection to the drone and we had no idea where it went.

As soon as we lost sight of the drone, we went below the last position of the drone where it might have landed. We searched for the drone until it was 11 pm. But unfortunately, we didn't find any clue about the drone. 

The connection was lost so taking the drone was also not possible. We tried every possible way to find the drone but none of them worked. 

The next day, I again went to search for it and I spent the whole day searching for it. I thought it might be stuck somewhere along with the trees but no, there was no sign of the drone.

And this is how I lost my drone and to this date, I still haven't found it. I think it's been more than a month by the time I'm writing this. But that's how the world goes. 

Life hits you the hardest when you are most joyful. I just hope that I get my drone sometime in the future. For now, I just gotta move on. 

Losing the drone made me really sad and lonely. I wasn't able to sleep properly, eat properly, and couldn't focus on works properly. 

What I would like to say is to never get too excited or happy and try to have perseverance in you.


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