4 Things That You Should Do As Soon As You Wake Up In The Morning - Being Productive

4 Things That You Should Do As Soon As You Wake Up In The Morning - Being Productive

Do you think that your life is getting boring? 

Is your day not as productive as it used to be?

Do you want to get back at your life?

'The morning shows the day'. This means that your day is going to be great if your morning is great. So, what if your morning is not great and just miserable as always? Then you should try to start your morning healthily.

You want to but you don't know how? If that's your case, here are: '4 Things that you should do as soon as you wake up in the morning'

1. Make Your Bed:

The first thing that you should do in the morning is making your bed. Yes, not touching mobile, not going to the washroom, not going to sleep again but make your bed. In the beginning, it will not be easy to do as soon as you wake up but this will eventually develop as a habit. Making the bed is really easy and anyone can do it so it will be the first thing that you completed for the day.

This not only prevents you from going to the bed again but gives a motivational boost to achieve even more work. Later on, this habit will lead to adopting much healthier routines. 

2. Don't Use Mobile Phone/Social Media:

The thing that most of us tend to do as soon as we wake up is 'use our mobile'. You may not realize it but it is destroying your morning and your routine. Once we start using mobile, we won't get out until we have spent like half an hour on the phone. When we scroll through social media, we are now trapped in that same loop. As a result, our mind gets hung up on yesterday's works and other's highlights. 

Because of that, those 6-8 hours of sleep gets wasted and you will eventually start to stress out. Thus, only use your phone after you have completed the important pieces of stuff.

3. Take Time To Refresh Yourself:

When you sleep, most of the body systems are at rest and don't start functioning immediately. You need enough amount of time to get your organs functioning properly. Also, don't forget to excrete early in the morning as it allows toxins from your body to expose out. 

Wash your face, brush your teeth, get some fresh air, and excrete properly. When you do that, your body will have enough time to function properly. Also, there won't be any waste in your body.

4. Do Some Exercise/Workout:

One of the important things that you will need to do in the morning is exercise. Exercise allows proper blood flow in every part of your body and makes you physically as well as mentally fit. It gives you the warm-up to a good day. When you don't exercise often, you will get lazy and feel tired most of the time. This might also lead to some major illnesses, disorders, and unnecessary pieces of stuff.

Want to know more about the benefits of exercise? 

Then do check out the article on: 'What are the mental and physical benefits of exercise?' (Currently Working On It)

Just keep in mind, Everything takes time and it might not be possible for you to adopt these changes that easily. So, try to take small steps and one at a time. If you feel like quitting then think about the things that you will be able to achieve. Later on, you will be able to witness the changes these habits brought to your life.

Once you develop these habits, your days won't be as bad and boring as they used to be before.

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